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'48 snow Cub153 viewspower angle added to the 3 lever control valve systembillyandmillie
'48 Cub 3 point298 viewsnot finished yet, but an idea showing the 3 lever control valve. The left lever has the float option added. It's hooked up to the 3 point lift cylinder. The center lever controls the frt power angle, the right controls the rear power angle or whatever you put that cylinder on.billyandmillie
DSCN5695 (Small).JPG
TC valve questions70 viewsHow to remove the 'safety valve' 'pressure regulator valve' and the 'check valve'?Buzzard Wing
one is home made out of a valve stem16 viewsDale51
complete don't touch control system51 viewsthis is my hydraulic system, euphemistically called the don't touch control system. it seems to consist of the IHC TC pump, a long 2" cylinder, a 2 gal tank, an open center valve, and a confusing array of copper tubingglassnegman
close up of DTC valve, reservoir, and cylinder61 viewsThis is a close up view of the beefy hydraulics on my cub, something I call the "Don't Touch Control" or DTCglassnegman
DTC lever.57 viewsThe lever on the hydraulic system, basically a shifter pinned to a straight bar that is pinned to the spring-return open center hydraulic valve, shown in other pics. If I don't keep the linkage greased, it doesn't return to center on its own, and will stall the tractor. Note the broken shifter #2 on right, and the beefy helper spring.glassnegman
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Sooty Valves28 viewsallenlook
hydraulic circut schematic 1.jpg
hyd schematic224 viewshyd. circuit schematic containing power beyond, pressure control valve, return line filter, and stackable valve options.gotowin
Clem's Rim288 viewsClem's rim was rusted out around the valve stem. I cut it out and welded a washer in for him.Cowboy
Loader hydraulic valves(?)113 viewsCame with the Henderson front bucket, but it's like getting a jigsaw puzzle with no picture.FarmLadyWannaB
hose routing & control valves217 viewsgotowin
valves & cylinders248 viewsmwentworth
remote valves and rear lift cyl.223 viewsgotowin
snow blade project202 viewssteer bladerick 48 cub
hose routing164 viewsrick 48 cub
hyd. filter & hose routing at remote valves200 viewsgotowin
14 viewsTexCub
11 viewspwl
Dash panel with PSI, flow meter, flow control valve, and tach55 viewsbillyandmillie
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