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deer Hiding in a Tree.jpg
Deer Hiding in a Tree139 viewsDeer Hiding in a Treeallenlook
Yea a parts tree43 viewsCecil
Another parts tree49 viewsCecil
Dogleg Tree.JPG
Dogleg Tree78 viewsBuzzard Wing
Dozer off the ground on trees113 viewsMaking a road up to our property in the woods Michigan's UPCowboy
Road of mud!78 viewsMy Dad , brothers Tim, Tom and Uncle's son Adam. Cleaning up trees off the side of the road. It was just a trail big enough to get a four wheeler up. Cowboy
Lightning struck tree84 views2nd time in three years lightning struck a tree in my yard. What a way to to get woken up!Cowboy
another load test for rear remote cyl. on fast hitch211 viewsgotowin
Treeless treehouse58 viewsElivated playhouse IN the trees not ON the trees (they were too small to support the weightedward1960
Cabin68 viewslog sided cabin with front porch, yes I can and do build them big enough for adults (I do a few log houses for those who want a real log house not a modern design with log stack walls, in particular I use site grown trees)
Note: a propertly thought through log house is LESS expensive than comparable stick built. BUT the design must be for a log structure. Few commerically available log houses are properly designed.
Bee Swarm in tree17 viewsSwarm which is about 3 feet long going up the center of the tree. Tough location to capture.beestingz
Seth & Victor lead the Cub's down the street !!!77 viewsKodiak
What am I missing ???42 viewsRoger is trying to figure out what is happening I guess.... notice that all the tops of the poles have been cut? Bruce is my sivilculturist -- in other words, he cuts all the trees on my land that I can't do. He has years of experience in the bush.. but his trade is as a machinist.Rudi
Champlain Street30 viewsSee that smudge above the snowbank just to the left of the pic? That be a a sedan pulling a trailer I think, kinda hard to tell with most of it hidden by 3 foot plus snow drifts.. Rudi
Loaded tandem146 viewsFirewood cut from tree in yarddanovercash
Lumber, lumber, lumber!170 viewsKiller tree, broke final.danovercash
Cub & tree116 viewsCleaning up mess made by wind storm last year.RAW in IA
Pulling tree123 viewsMore clean-up of treesRAW in IA
Logging-Cub style204 viewsTreeStumpdanovercash
Logging-Cub style264 viewsLog arch at sawmilldanovercash
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