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electrical87 viewsThe voltage regulator clearly shows 6V. Tractor had 12V battery and negative ground. What gives?brian c
cub arrives (6).JPG
battery65 viewsbattery prior to removal. Appears to be 12V and Negative grounded.brian c
white sticker32 viewsThe decals on my cub have white that just sun blanching or what?glassnegman
Nik Cub509 viewsMe on my cub riding around for the first time with the gas tank on.kinelbor
Ammeter 12-10-05 004 (Medium).jpg
New Voltage Regulator 6 volt/Pos ground55 viewsJeremy58Cub
Nik Plowing419 viewsFinally got some snow to push around.kinelbor
hl 6.JPG
headlight back23 viewsNotice the plastic insulator. It's jb welded to the headlight casing. Headlight is grounded to frame. Hot wire goes to post with nuts.brian c
hl 4.JPG
headlight mods23 viewsI've soldered a ground to the headlight casing. I j-b welded some styrene plastic over the original hole and mounted a wiring post in it.brian c
hl 1.JPG
headlight mods123 viewsHere's the startpoint. The plastic is sheet styrene I had laying around (from a hobby shop). It's gonna be the insulator.brian c
blade 1.jpg
L54 'back' blade 1379 viewsI use this to drag the limestone drive out level, and to move snow around. Marion(57 Loboy)
450  projects.jpg
450 diesel in foreground, gas 450 behind- both projects28 viewsTractor Tom
hand cranking.jpg
Hand cranking the Lister53 viewsHolding it down with a Ranger PU and a Cub. It shook the ground!lurker carl
All plowing.jpg
31 viewsThresheree Grounds 04/15/2006 Plowing with Cubs onlyelectromech31
planter 005.jpg
172 ground unit64 viewsRussell F
planter 004.jpg
ground unit56 viewsRussell F
planter 009.jpg
ground unit42 viewsRussell F
DSCN2994 (Small).JPG
Cub Goes Fencin'39 viewsCub had it pretty easy, hauled around poly step ins.Stans Cub
Dozer off the ground on trees113 viewsMaking a road up to our property in the woods Michigan's UPCowboy
making hay.jpg
96 viewsMaking hay around 1970lurker carl
Cub Parade - The Turnaround288 viewslildog
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