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Finals removed, rebuilt and reinstalled.105 viewsCecil
Transmission removed and ready to rebuild.67 viewsCecil
DSCN5695 (Small).JPG
TC valve questions70 viewsHow to remove the 'safety valve' 'pressure regulator valve' and the 'check valve'?Buzzard Wing
seat removed2.JPG
seat removed44 viewsFinally got this rusted up thing off.brian c
seat bracket.JPG
battery corrosion55 viewsSome serious corrosion. The seat bracket was a beast to remove.brian c
seat removed.JPG
seat and batt box gone44 viewsFinally got the seriously corroded seat mount and battery box off.brian c
IMG_2262 (Small).JPG
Head removed29 viewsallenlook
Wheels Removed.jpg
230 viewsPeter Person
Modified 4411 sealed beam33 viewsThe 4411/4511 sealed beam lamps come with an alignment key that interferes with the pancake light housing. This key needs to be partially removed to allow an easy fit in the housing. Use a belt sander to slowly, carefully grind the key down. When the glass starts to glow orange, stop and allow it to cool.Matt Kirsch
Everything removed.69 viewsCecil
the motor was removed and the stripping process started21 viewsdeputyjailer90
Grill Welds19 viewsNeed to remove grill from frame modification made by previous owner #1DaveSaver
Crankshaft remove27 viewsCrankshaft removeEric B
removed_shifter10 viewsFirst look inside tranny with shifter removedlloyd430
Disassembly of the front end22 viewsRalph and Cecil remove the radiator from the lower bolsterWisconsinCubMan
magic_masking_stuff_removed10 viewsmagic_masking_stuff_removeddrspiff
Billy's Heel Bolt49 viewsBolt is used on foot of GA plow stock. Has coarse threads and nut fit is loose so that dirt won't pack up in threads and make it difficult to remove. Tightens with hammer, rock. or whatever.Pete1941
An adjustable 7/8" rod, split in the middle, turnbuckle style used to put tension on the front ear86 viewsThe rod with the long arrow is adjustable. Flats are milled onto the rod below the starter to grip during adjustments. Just place a feeler guage between the back engine ear and the rod, adjust till the fit is reached, remove the feeler, then torque the back bolt which places that much tension on the front earbillyandmillie
19 viewsWisconsinCubMan
This is where you remove the bolt to allow the seat to swivel-bottom rear of seat post42 viewsawander
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