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Middle Pulley on Mott2.JPG
Mott Idler Bracket105 viewsThis is a Idler bracket I made for my Mott Mower to keep the belt from flying off.jostev
Middle Pulley on Mott pic2.JPG
Mott Idler Bracket 286 viewsJust a different view of the Bracket and Pulley.jostev
Mott Idler Bracket529 viewscvo
Aircraft cable from winch to other side18 viewsWelded a rod across the top of the press and then clamped a pulley to the rod. Did this on both sides.DaveSaver
Winch with cable going up to first pulley14 viewsI ran off a length of cable doubled it and attached it to the winch. One half dropped to the winch side of the bed and the other half over the top through two pulleys one on each side of the top of the press.DaveSaver
Boat winch rigged to raise and lower Hyd press bed21 viewsThis was a temporary rigging some 15 years ago to test the theory if this would work. It's still working. I bolted the winch to the press using the existing holes in the winch. I had purchased a 450 foot roll of vinyl covered aircraft cable from a yard sale so I used it for the cable. A couple of pulleys from the hardware store and some aircraft cable clamps is all it took. Works great.DaveSaver
140 viewspulley/drive shaft detailbarn_cub
Inspecting the intricacies of a Cub Fan Pulley31 viewsGeorge Willer and Dave Lutz looking at Merlin's fan during disassemblyWisconsinCubMan
Who wants Orange?106 views1941 Allis Chalmers B, Hand Crank, PTO, Belt Pulley, Runs Like a Top. Will sell or Trade/Swap for something Cub RED!! Asking $850. will take offers. Scott 810-334-5507 or PMscottb
fan_pulley.gif9 viewsfan pulley parts explosion with part 8 correctly orientedShadeTree
Latest iteration of door rail detail16 viewsJim Becker's revision of Dr. Spiff's drawing of Rudi's metal pulley ideaShadeTree
the pulley44 viewsthe 4th of july 2007 showing some made in american (kentucky pride) KYcub638
lower crankshaft pulley for 52 CUB22 viewselkshead
18 viewsTexCub
19 viewsTexCub
19 viewsTexCub
Bill Poor's Pulley Puller112 viewsPeter Person
Tool to re-install crankshaft pulley54 viewspapermaker
Wrong 22 Mower Pulley 27 viewsWrong 22 Mower Pulleyscrewstick
Cecil's 2009 Feb minifest77 viewspulling a crank pulleylurker carl
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