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Bigdog's New Cub Finder325 viewsDonny M
Posting a link - Step 3140 viewsThen, in the board, start a new post. Click to place the mouse where you want the link to be. then right click and choose "paste."lildog
Posting a picture - Step 3249 viewsIn the forum, create a new message, then paste the text you just copied between the [img] and [/img] tags.lildog
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Step 4 - Rename your album123 viewsSlect the "New album" text in the small box below the large box.lildog
Step 5 - Type a new name84 viewsGive your album a new name.lildog
New Cub Hauler34 viewsDavid C.
Twins238 viewsThis could have been what you would have seen in 1951 on the delivery of your new tractor from the local IH dealer.SUPERC_1
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new home.JPG
new home42 viewsbrian c
s Cub on trailer 2X.jpg
Before54 viewsLoaded on the trailer at the auction in New Holland, PA.don mccombs
Cub 2.jpg
New Cub530 viewsTractor Tom
Ammeter 12-10-05 004 (Medium).jpg
New Voltage Regulator 6 volt/Pos ground56 viewsJeremy58Cub
47 back of block.JPG
new rear seal29 viewsreplaced oil pump gasket and rear crank seal.brian c
62 wheels on2 (Small).JPG
Getting close30 viewsFreshly painted wheels. New front tires. Lots of cleaned/re-painted parts re-installed.brian c
m-7-235c_with_io-540 (Small).jpg
maule24 viewsThis is a factory new Maule. Mine's a 1974, but very similar.brian c
new m after.JPG
25 viewsTractor Tom
Bear Creek Cowboy.jpg
Bear Creak Ranch owner trying out his new M31 viewsTractor Tom
New Barn, 36x4055 viewsRussell F
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