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Station Agent on Loboy.jpg
On the Platform85 viewsThis is about 1980, a warm spring day. Not sure if the passenger train has just left or is about to arrive. The driver is the station agent, a job he did for at least 20 years. EZ
brianj's '49591 viewsJanuary '03 with old homemade plow. Far too heavy but did the job for two winters here and many with PO.brianj
101 viewsView of paint jobrustynuts
95 viewsNew paint job rear in front of shoprustynuts
53 viewsGood job of scraping, notice blade tilted fully forward to prevent riding on "shoes" and using the whole cutting length of bladeEZ
Cub with a job to do!112 viewsCowboy
Job done no problem116 viewsCowboy
136 viewsChristian Luebke "FOX" trying out for cubtug driving jobRon Luebke
Barnyard Installing tire after Brake Job176 viewsscrewstick
Clean-up28 viewsI wire brushed the inside of the switch to remove the corrosion. A rotating wire brush does the job quickly.Bigdog
Almost Done-0336 viewsThe last major trim job to be done this year is to still make the sliding doors to match the wood shop doors. Frames are there, and the stock is in the shop.. just need to finish the exterior for winter first. The plywood doors will have to do for a while yet.
15 viewsspaceghost
122 viewsDale laying down on the job. Is that Barnyard working?1541
97 viewsFlamey on the job.1541
Rob (OldIron1) Plowing on his LoBoy on Day 1113 viewsBoy was this tractor a GREAT puller. It was quiet and did a GREAT job!!WisconsinCubMan
Todd W PLOWING123 viewsI don't think that there was anyone happier with the job his tractor was doing than was Todd W... AWESOME!WisconsinCubMan
A toast to a job well done110 viewsSeth, Billy Ray, Donny, Raymond, Jim and Royellens cub
Dave (dirt devil) did a beautiful job on the angle hydraulics61 viewsBuzzard Wing
9N chassis30 viewsI was in a hurry to get the tactor done for a hay ride. An unplanned ring job set me behind. The finished tractor is pictured with the nut planter. It is a 20 foot paint job, but this is a "user", not a "show-er".SteveC67
Mister Twister Super top prop custom painted29 viewsI sent my new mister twister super top prop lures to www.tclarkcustomlures to be custom painted in real fish colors.BigBill
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