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Finals removed, rebuilt and reinstalled.105 viewsCecil
stay away from these.JPG
Ball Bearing Type Through out bearing with 2 hours run time62 viewsSplit the cub twice after painted because of these, ended up installing original type graphite bearing, no problem since..Gary L
Rear of dashlight thingy, showing bracket44 viewsI have a little dashlight that appears rather professionally installed, as you can see from this pic of the bracket in rear of dash. Jim Becker says the hole was intended for the fuse holder, which was not installed in 49. models, even though the dash with the hole was used since mid 49. glassnegman
62 wheels on2 (Small).JPG
Getting close30 viewsFreshly painted wheels. New front tires. Lots of cleaned/re-painted parts re-installed.brian c
2-16-06 004.jpg
cyl. installed 2-16-06178 viewsgotowin
cultivator 010.jpg
rockshaft extension installed80 viewsRussell F
Completion36 viewsRock Shaft InstalledBob Grieb
New Steering Gear48 viewsI installed Bill Poor's steering gear parts. Sweet.VinceD
Frodo's new Steering Modifications54 viewsMy Cub (Frodo) now has new and safe steering parts thanks to Bill Poor. Easy to install and they work great!!!!!VinceD
Installing the input shaft60 viewsCecil
Installing the shifting forks61 viewsCecil
Installing the shifting forks70 viewsCecil
Hoods off the 55!160 viewsNow I just need to get the carb rebuilt at the Tumble and reinstalled!!Kodiak
Lower bolster being installed21 viewsI am tightening it all down!WisconsinCubMan
New Rear Main seal25 viewsInstalled at CubFest 2007WisconsinCubMan
Pocket and Strapping40 viewsRoger Maillet and Merv are installing the 2"x6" Strapping 16" oc. I am in the bucket Rudi
Installing The First Few Rows Of Strapping27 viewsAlde is nailing up the first row of strapping onto the trusses. And yes he is my neighbour and for those of you who were at the original CubFest Northeast back in 2004, Alde was there with his son Gerry. Alde owns my Father-in-laws God-Father's 56 Cub that Jethro was a donor for.Rudi
different angle of the original front hitch installed75 viewsbillyandmillie
Shifter Rails25 viewsTelescoping Magnetic Pin for picking up loose ballsBill V in Md
Shifter Rails27 viewsVice Grips to slide rails and round file to push balls into placeBill V in Md
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