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Rudi and his home made potato hiller243 viewsCubfest NE 2004, Rudi is showing off his hiller at the Chown's farm. Beautiful country.lurker carl
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Yeller one on the hill1166 viewsBuzzard Wing
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Up the hill with help41 viewsCecil
What an Embarrassment !!!!47 viewsThe H broke down and the Cub had enough power but not enough traction to pull it up the hill. I had to use my son-in-law's JD with 4-wd to get it home. The H and Cub were obviously embarrassed.VinceD
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Redneck fireworks39 viewsCamping with hillbillies. What can I say?lurker carl
82 viewsgil
No Snow Makes it Easier31 viewsThe wx has been weird. Last weekend we had a foot of snow by end of Sunday. Tuesday we had warmer weather. Wednesday we had another Nor'easter -- 100 mm's of rain... Yesterday when this pic was taken it was -7C or so with a wind chill as well.Rudi
Getting Dark30 viewsIt was a cold cold day.. clear but cold. -8 C but with the wind chill felt like -20. Good thing I don't have to stand outside watching the Santa Claus Parade downtown.. I get to play in a nice warm shop tonight making the ladders.Rudi
Hmmm.. a bit warmer today, but lookee.. snow22 viewsAlde and I are going to work on the roof today. It is a bit warmer than yesterday. We managed to get a few trusses up, but it was cold work -19 C with the Wind Chill, so putting up 5 trusses took a couple of hours. We hope to do better today.Rudi
Inside A Snowy Barn35 viewsThis is looking to the west gable. Got a couple tarps on to keep the snow from the coming storm out, whilst I build the gable wall. It is a bit chilly with all the snow, but hopefully once closed it, snow shovelled out, it will get a bit warmer.Rudi
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