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Vinyl coated aircraft cable attached to press bed12 viewsI just drilled two holes and threaded the cable through and attached back to it's self with a cable clampDaveSaver
JD VB drill88 viewsRussell F
JD VB FB 13 row drill82 viewsRussell F
JohnDeere VanBrunt model FB 13 row drill64 viewsRussell F
Drilling for the front corner pole38 viewsRudi
Drilling the 1/2" Bolt Holes for the I-Beam Pocket39 viewsRudi
Drilling the 1/2" Bolt Holes for the Front I-Beam Pocket33 viewsBruce is helping move Sign Faces to the stripping station, and my nephew Frankie watches me play in the bucketRudi
cotter pin installed in drill to lap valves176 viewshere I used a cut-off cotter pin (cause its harder than plain old wire) installed in the chuck of my variable speed drill to lap the valves. worked suprisingly well. I did all the valves this way.hschwartz3
cut off cotter pin installed in drill153 viewshschwartz3
Bullet Light project Holes drilled53 viewsHoles drilled in the housing. I used the "TLAR" method to place the holesWisconsinCubMan
Bullet Light Project - First Hole Drilled54 viewsTLAR Method... marked the outline of the bullet light base with a pencilWisconsinCubMan
hose reel143 viewsDrilling lead holesdanovercash
drilling initial hole48 viewssgtbull
need to drill6 viewsdakcub
insert_hole_drilled5 viewsdrspiff4
14 viewsGas valve tool, end for use with "T" type handles. Drill a 7/16 hole clear through that just touches the end of the pipe. Then use hacksaw to cut into slots. Since it is so close to the end, it may be easier to drill a hole then cut the end off or just cut slots with a hack saw.Jim Becker
14 viewsGas valve tool, end for use with "L" type handles. Drill a 1/4 hole on one side of the pipe 1/4 from the end of the pipe. Then use hacksaw to cut into slot.Jim Becker
LowBoy whitewalls116 viewsNice look! The rears were on the tractor when I got it. 154 LowBoy wheels have the wrong offset. I drilled the spot welds out and reversed the centers. They fit nice now.SteveC67
Dad's Drill46 viewsEarly 1950's Montgomery Wards 1/2 inch drill.danovercash
Log candle 6 viewsDrill a hole down in a dry log minim 1 inch dia. Drill a second one up from the bottom and connect it to the first hole. Pour wax in it and light it. We used diesel fuel and forgot the drill so my brother bore cut it with a chainsaw.Cowboy
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