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Red & Black Cub 2.jpg
Cubarama 05159 viewsRed and Black CultivatorsKodiak
Red & Black Cub 1.jpg
Cubarama 05124 viewsCub and CultivatorsKodiak
Problem 169 viewsLooks like the lower threaded hole for implement attacment in the clutch housing was busted out and re-welded. Apparently it's not re-threaded. This bar was welded from the mower mount to the front end cultivator mount to stabilize the mower. brian c
Rear Cultivator775 viewsNot sure what these are used forSteve Ruddy
cultivator shank2.jpg
cultivator77 viewsrick 48 cub
cultivator shank2~0.jpg
cultivator267 viewsbottomrick 48 cub
cultivator 011.jpg
Very bent culivator arms48 viewsRussell F
cultivator 002.jpg
bent culivator arm62 viewsvery bent arm on right sideRussell F
cultivator 004.jpg
repaired right side bracket69 viewsRepaired by my grandfather in the 60's i supposeRussell F
cultivator 006.jpg
rockshaft extension69 viewsBolts to rockshaft to increase lifting power at the cost of strokeRussell F
cultivator 008.jpg
rockshaft thingy again77 viewsRussell F
cultivator 010.jpg
rockshaft extension installed81 viewsRussell F
cultivator 002~0.jpg
bent arm top view76 viewsRussell F
New cultivator346 viewsA Cub bought to get a cultivator!patbretagne
Cub 4 (McCulti)303 viewsHad to buy it to get the cultivatorspatbretagne
70 viewsbald
Tring out the cults67 viewsdirt devil
16 viewsGary Vaughan
16 viewsGary Vaughan
16 viewsGary Vaughan
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