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Post war Nash97 viewsWhat a beauty! The owner rebuilt the wooden body parts.lurker carlSep 16, 2005
Half track.JPG
Half track125 viewsWhat a brute!lurker carlSep 16, 2005
Cub with mill.JPG
Cub powering a mill142 viewsThis corn cracker and grading mill was at SCRAP during their Labor Day 2003 show. The Cub had no problems running the mill. "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care" lurker carlSep 16, 2005
Suspenders254 viewsLike grandfather, like grandson.lildogSep 15, 2005
yoctangee squirrel.jpg
The Yoctangee Squirrel115 viewsA serendipitous shot of the wildlife in our city park. Sent it in to the local paper and they published it.lildogSep 15, 2005
Whose bath was it?165 viewsJust looked up and the dog was in the tub with the boy.lildogSep 15, 2005
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