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Disk & low boy158 viewsBeaconlightSep 16, 2005
cub plow extra wing125 viewsBeaconlightSep 16, 2005
1 point plow114 viewsnotice extra wing on topBeaconlightSep 16, 2005
Mt Hope Cub213 viewsPicture taken near Mt Hope, Ohio, May 20051541Sep 16, 2005
5288 and little brother Low Boy78 viewsPicture taken at Mast Sales, Walnut Creek Ohio, May 2005. Big and Small IH made them all.1541Sep 16, 2005
Massy Nest May 2005.jpg
Massy Harris Nest76 viewspicture taken May 2005 near Charm Ohio.1541Sep 16, 2005
Cub & Spreader in Mt Hope Ohio86 viewsPicture taken May 20051541Sep 16, 2005
IMG_0435 (Small).JPG
Wallis Bear59 viewsBigdogSep 16, 2005
IMG_0436 (Small).JPG
Wallis Tractors57 viewsBigdogSep 16, 2005
IMG_0437 (Small).JPG
ATIS Tractors - Portland 200564 viewsBigdogSep 16, 2005
IMG_0438 (Small).JPG
MM UDLX107 viewsBigdogSep 16, 2005
IMG_0439 (Small).JPG
Spirit of 76144 viewsBigdogSep 16, 2005
Orchids61 viewsThis is orchid is a Cattleyea hybrid that bursts into bloom every January. It's kinda nice to have stuff blooming in the dead of winter. This particular variety puts out a soft perfume scent in the morning similar to but not nearly as strong as a gardenia. Cathy likes them, so I tend to them for her enjoyment. lurker carlSep 16, 2005
Lister diesel engine with generator power head83 viewsSingle cylinder, 6 hp Indian made engine. Original design is British and this particular engine has been in production since the 1930s. Lister is still in business but production of these engines is now in the hands of Indian foundries and machine shops.lurker carlSep 16, 2005
Mt Washington Railroad.JPG
Mount Washington Cog Railroad196 viewsThis particular steam engine runs a cog on a long toothed rack to propel the train up and down the steep slopes of Mount Washington. The only purpose for the track is to keep the cog in the rack. The rear of the boiler is tilted up so it is more or less level as the engine traverses the mountain grade.lurker carlSep 16, 2005
Cub n' dawg263 viewsThis is a picture of my dog, willie, and "Riley" with her 193 plowScotty DSep 16, 2005
Rudi and hiller.JPG
Rudi and his home made potato hiller243 viewsCubfest NE 2004, Rudi is showing off his hiller at the Chown's farm. Beautiful country.lurker carlSep 16, 2005
Wrong shirt.jpg
Oops, wrong shirt113 viewsThis is something I've been accused of, showing up at a Cub event advertising the competition. At least it's a red competitor.lurker carlSep 16, 2005
EJP and Missy.jpg
EJP and Missy123 viewsJohn is working the good earth.lurker carlSep 16, 2005
windmill98 viewsThis windmill has been restored to working condition. It is mounted on a trailer, much easier to see up close than on a tower. This particular windmill has a mechanism to prevent over-speed in high wind.lurker carlSep 16, 2005
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