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Upload from Computer - Step 6151 viewsYou'll get a confirmation that your images were successfully added. Click "Continue" to return to the main Photo Gallery page.lildogSep 22, 2005
8-22-05 001.jpg
1328 viewsload testing aux. rear lift cylgotowinSep 22, 2005
8-22-05 004.jpg
1101 viewsaux. hydraulics 2 spool, controling front blade and rear fast hitchgotowinSep 22, 2005
9-03-05 001.jpg
1001 views1 1/2" bore X 5" stroke cyl. on cub 54 bladegotowinSep 22, 2005
9-03-05 002.jpg
aux. lift cyl & bracket on type 54 blade1350 viewsgotowinSep 22, 2005
9-03-05 008.jpg
766 viewsswivel for float action (6") on style 54 bladegotowinSep 22, 2005
2005-07-16 COSI 003 (Custom).jpg
Kid on a Skid Steer111 viewsJoe TestSep 22, 2005
Original Cub Cadet826 viewsI bought this for $20 on 9-19. It was parked in an alley waiting for removal. When I expressed an interest in it, the Cub increased in value, but not much!Sep 22, 2005
DSCN52458384DSCN5245 (Small)~0.JPG
17 Farmalls251 viewson US 1 in MaineBuzzard WingSep 21, 2005
DSCN51428281DSCN5142 (Small).JPG
Yeller one on the hill1157 viewsBuzzard WingSep 21, 2005
DSCN51468285DSCN5146 (Small).JPG
Rufus on the ridge939 viewsBuzzard WingSep 21, 2005
DSCN52458384DSCN5245 (Small).JPG
Mess of Farmalls on US 1 in Maine993 viewsBuzzard WingSep 21, 2005
Possum64 viewsBigdogSep 21, 2005
48 viewsBigdogSep 20, 2005
IMG_0499 (Small).JPG
Ready to roll!84 viewsBigdogSep 20, 2005
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