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Step 9 - Checking your work143 viewsTo check your work, click "My gallery" in the top menu.lildog
Step 10 - Now you're ready for pics173 viewsYou gallery should look like this. You can review/change its properties, and you're ready to upload photos.lildog
Step 8 - The second confirmation132 viewsThen, the Coppermine software will ask you to confirm the action.lildog
Step 7 - The first confirmation135 viewsYour browser may pop up a box asking you to confirm this actioni. Click "OK."lildog
step 6 - Apply modification133 viewsIf you'd like to create another album, repeat steps 3 through 5. Then click "Apply Modifications."lildog
Step 5 - Type a new name135 viewsGive your album a new name.lildog
Step 4 - Rename your album194 viewsSlect the "New album" text in the small box below the large box.lildog
Step 3 - Create a new album144 viewsClick the "New" button to create a new album.lildog
Step 1 - Make sure you are in Admin Mode223 viewsTo create a personal album, you must be in Admin mode. Once logged in, if you see an entry in the top menu that says "Admin mode," click it. If, instead, it says "User mode," you are already in Admin mode and can skip this step.lildog
Step 2 - Create / Order My Albums150 viewsOn the toolbar under the top menu, click the "Create / Order My Albums" button.lildog
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